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Insta-Bed Raised Insta-Bed Airbed With Built-In Pump, Queen

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by review on October 12, 2009

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review October 12, 2009 at 8:30 am
Overall 33333
Comfort 22222
Quality 33333
Price 33333

I do not like my air mattress. my air mattress never gets any softer no matter how much air I let out. The mattress is bowed in the middle so people who like to sleep on the edge of the mattress or couples will find it more uncomfortable. The built in pump works really well and inflates the bed in no time flat.

The built in pump is as loud as a normal pump would be which is a disappointment, I expected the pump to be a little more quiet than its counter parts.one down side of the built in pump is that if you are over six feet tall like me when you drop down you leg on the mattress your leg will hit the solid plastic casing of the Air pump and dig into you shin. The air mattress does have its perks. it is very transportable and folds away very easily.

The mattress is double height so tall people can get into and out of bed very easily. The mattress is heavy and if you do not keep the box awkward to lug around. over all I would say this air mattress is average and needs improvement.

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