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Intex Rising Comfort Twin Size Air Bed

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by review on December 4, 2009

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review December 4, 2009 at 11:34 am
Overall 44444
Comfort 44444
Quality 55555
Price 44444

- Extremely comfortable
- It does have a good deal of firmness despite being a bit high

- It is sometimes too high

This is a review of the mattress that I own, an Intex Rising Comfort Twin Size Air Bed. It is a relatively firm yet still quite soft air mattress, and it is one that I really enjoy. It’s a mattress that features vertical chambers that are independent of one another, making it one of the most astounding air beds that I have owned.

I have owned quite a few, and I enjoy air beds over typical beds. This air bed, though, tends to have a lot more comfort and enjoyment than the others that I have owned. Not only that, but my kids also enjoy it. Given that I have two high-energy little boys, I was hoping that this mattress would last.

They can be rough with it, as they love to bounce hard on it and test out its durability. They have a tendency to jump and pound on it, and they enjoy the thrill of using it like a trampoline at times. I’ve had it for almost a year at this point, and it has so far stood the test of time with a good deal of abuse.

My kids proved to be so rough with my previous air bed, that they eventually wore it down until it just burst. Surely, I was mad. I had to go out and buy another air bed. What amazes me with this air bed is that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of weakness despite all the abuse my kids thrust on it.

The seams don’t seem to be weakening or separating, and the lines don’t seem to be giving way. So, all I can say is that it remains quite a durable air bed. What makes it even more worthwhile, at least to me, is that it does have a good deal of firmness despite being a bit high. It doesn’t sink down to the floor that easily, and it can be pumped up quite firm without much of a problem.

The only con that I that can find is that it is sometimes too high, as I have fallen off of it and onto the floor on two occasions. Other than that, though, it is really the best air bed that I have owned. Despite the cons of it being just a bit too high, I do sort of like the fact that it has a nice texture and firmness.

It doesn’t veer to one side when I exert a lot of pressure, thus for the most part I tend to stay in the middle while sleeping.

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