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Queen QuickBed® Air Bed with Built-In 4D Pump

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by review on October 7, 2009

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review October 7, 2009 at 9:52 am
Overall 44444
Comfort 44444
Quality 33333
Price 55555

I purchased this air mattress for myself and my husband because we have recently begun camping and wanted something more comfortable than just a sleeping bag. While not as comfortable as a regular bed (and who could expect that, while camping), it certainly beats laying on the bare ground. The mattress is roughly 78″x60″x9″, and includes a built in battery pump, so inflating it only takes a few minutes.

After inflation, the mattress is very soft and comfortable, and doesn’t sag like some air mattresses do. Though not as firm as a regular mattress, it is quite stable and doesn’t let you bounce around as you go from sleeping to a standing position. Two features that I particularly enjoyed were the soft texture of the mattress, which is akin to suede and is very easy to sleep on, and the fact that the mattress inflates so quickly. In less than three minutes I had a perfectly wonderful bed to lay, which was much less time than it took to start a fire!

The only drawbacks I found was that while it takes up very little room in its original packaging, trying to repack it into a small bag was difficult. This was because it was hard to squeeze all of the air out after we had used it. Also, the release valve on my mattress seemed to be defective after a few uses, and the mattress slightly deflated after sleeping on it for a few hours. All in all though, it’s hard to beat the price I paid for it !

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