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SleepWorld – Naturalux II Latex Rubber Foam Mattresses

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by review on December 4, 2009

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review December 4, 2009 at 10:05 am
Overall 55555
Comfort 55555
Quality 55555
Price 44444

- Very comfortable
- You can have it customized to adjust the firmness

- Expensive

My wife and I needed a new bed and were interested in a memory-foam mattress. We were asked if we had ever considered a latex foam mattress – and we hadn’t. As it turns out, memory foam is a petroleum-based product and not very biodegradable, whereas latex is much more “green.”

That got us interested. But we also preferred the feel. Although I can see why sinking into your bed (with memory foam) would be a characteristic someone may like, I didn’t like to wait for the foam to conform to my body as I moved. And I move a lot during my sleep.

We also worried if any of these foam mattresses would get hot to sleep on because of poor ventilation. The latex mattress used a type of foam extrusion called Talalay – it breathes. The mattress we purchased was a queen-sized latex mattress called the Natralux II – 9″ of foam in two densities, and a hand tufted cotton top. It’s a medium-firmness feel.

And the beautiful thing is, you can have it customized to adjust the firmness. After sleeping on the mattress for 6 months, both my wife and I can say this is a fantastic mattress. Purely comfortable, not at all hot, I can’t feel what’s happening on the other side of the bed… it’s all exactly what I was looking for.

Probably the only negative I can think of is that it was more expensive than we had anticipated, but I’m also a firm believer in “you get what you pay for.” I’d highly recommend this mattress.

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